Telwater is the largest boat manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere with leading aluminium brands including Quintrex, Stacer, Savage and Yellowfin Plate boats.

The Telwater factory is located on an 10 acre site at the Gold Coast’s Marine Precinct and includes a small boat factory, large boat factory and packaging factory.

Telwater currently has a team of over 250 dedicated staff including expert welders, painters and a research and development team all offering the highest quality of workmanship and commitment to the brands.



A guided tour of the Telwater premises will give you the rare opportunity to view the state of the art manufacturing facility which will take you through the construction process to end product including: the process of plasma cutting; pressing and welding of marine grade aluminium; custom designed paint booths and through to the fit out stage.

We make all of our trailers as part of our BMT Packages. We manufacture two types of trailers: alloy and steel galvanized trailer designed to fit your boat.



The Telwater Factory currently produces more than 300 boat models ranging in size from 2 – 7 metres and produces up to 50 boats a day and over 12, 000 boats annually. Telwater is continually setting industry standards with its innovative designs and advanced technology.

Telwater boats are supplied to over 220 dealers Australia wide and are exported to over 20 countries covering the South Pacific, Asia, Europe, and we have a manufacturing facility in Veronezh, Russia.

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